Stage directors

Amine and Emilie received a production grant for their play Projet Newman.


What is your artistic background?

After meeting at the ERAC and having carried out directing and acting laboratory work during the three years of training, we created the Compagnie du Double together in 2012 to enable us to maintain a space for creation and joint research. Continuing to explore Amine's playwriting, the question of forms and the art of the actor, we have created four shows together. Amine also works as an actor, author, and director with others: Jacques Allaire, Alexandra Badea, Jean-Pierre Baro, Azyadé Bascunana, Robert Cantarella, Matthieu Roy, Vincent Franchi, Bernard Sobel, etc… and Emilie as an actress and director with Eric Ruf, Hubert Colas, Michael Marmarinos, Philippe Lanton, Cécile Morelle, Coraline Cauchi, Suzanne Aubert, Marjolaine Baronie, etc… Projet Newmanis the next production we will complete together. 


How do you see your profession today?

Taken as a whole and through the prism of an all-encompassing viewpoint, it may appear to us that there are too many opinions, experts, the spectacular and a form of normativity. A closer look reveals more singular lines, attempts to think about one's art and the world, conceptual inventions (not in an advertising sense). In this vast theatrical landscape, we try to trace a path of our own. Research that tries not to give in to fashions and injunctions. It is a search that invents the form of the object and the means to achieve it. It tries to weave relationships of camaraderie, sensitivity, political or poetic affinities. In short, we try to build a home where the warmth of thought and the naming of our work remains alive, where we can invite and discover the other, ever better, and where time and different weather conditions are not enemies.


How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?

One cannot ask the question of the view without the question of the place. The place, the space determines so much what we are, what we will be. And not asking this question of place can lead us to find ourselves spread too thin. Where will we be in five or 10 years? Somewhere where it will still be possible to invent something for ourselves and with those we will be with.


This interview was conducted in 2019

Photo credit: Amandine Besacier