Antonin made the portraits of the talented young people supported by Porosus in 2017.


What is your artistic background? 

Intrinsically linked to life and its experiences. I fell into it when I was a child, in a family of artists. I ‘never grew up’ and continued to make art as a child: with freedom. One day I put together a few pieces of paper glued to another sheet of paper and from there came a revelation: you can express so much with so little! I don't know if we can speak of a career path, I would rather say a landscape which goes from that day, from my 14 years, to the making of my latest video, through fine arts, collaborations with great artists (always a little controversial: Jean Marc Bustamante, Tunga, Claude Lévèque, Mounir Fatmi), then my second place in the Opline Prize competition and the fact that I was selected by The Young Ones as one of the 52 international photographers to follow. A joy that makes one want to continue. I am a visual artist, sculptor, photographer and director, a sprawling and exploratory activity. Today, I look at the light. 


How do you see your profession today? 

It is astonishing that after 32,000 years of art history, artists still manage to surprise us, to shed light on the faults, to show us their peaks and troughs. I am an artist, I love images and cinema and even more so contemporary sculpture. Let's not forget that culture is the heart of any civilization and that we have to take care of it, help it, make it our building block.  


How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years? 

Five years from now, I will present my first immaterial work, touching the senses, exploring sensations, vectorizing emotions, storing up experiences to make thirsty and curious minds vibrate. In 10 years, my beard will have reached my feet. I will slip into the interstice between dreams and make films without screens, directly connected to the brain of the world.


This interview was conducted in 2017

Photo credit: Antonin Amy-Menichetti