Musician and sound engineer

Daniel received a grant to build a music studio in the Atelier des Artistes en Exil site. 


What is your artistic background?

Since I was a teenager, I have been playing bass and other instruments with students at my parents' music school. In 2013, I started studying sound engineering and music production. At the same time, I studied jazz and harmony and played with jazz, pop, rock and reggae bands. Thus, I had the opportunity to be part of the team of Estudios Backstage Caracas, Venezuela, a recording studio for voiceover for dubbing and documentaries. There I did recording, mixing and mastering for clients such as FOX, NatGeo and Discovery Channel. After finishing my studies, I focused on music production and started working on productions by different artists.


How do you see your profession today?

A job for which you have to be 100% passionate, which is difficult in terms of networks and relationships but, when I succeed, it will be really fulfilling. Working hand in hand with artists to achieve their projects is superb. I am eager to make my expertise and skills available to artists.


How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?

I would like to be an accomplished sound engineer and music producer, either freelance or as part of a company. With a personal studio and several projects in the music production and audiovisual fields. Always working live with artists of different genres.


This interview was conducted in 2020

Photo credit: Kamila K. Stanley