Julie AIMÉ

Julie received a grant to help her participate in international competitions.

What is your sporting background ?
I have always been very athletic, from a very young age. Before hitting my first golf ball, I was lucky enough to be able to practice judo, skiing, gymnastics, bungee jumping, tennis... When I was 7 years old, I came back from a golf course at the Golf de Nice, and I knew right away that golf would be a good sport for me. I loved the fact that it was outdoors, in nature, that each course was different, and that it was an individual sport (maybe because I am an only child). This is where my golfing adventure began. I quickly progressed and improved my level to participate in regional and national competitions. On the eve of my 18th birthday, I was recruited by Lamar University, in Texas. Lamar offered me a scholarship to play on the golf team for four years (from 2010 to 2013) and get my college degree. Being able to combine sports and my studies has been a great pleasure for me. Without a doubt, the best four years of my life! After graduation, I returned to France and found a job - still in the golf world. During my lunch breaks, I went to the driving range to hit balls for fun. And that's when Roger Damiano, golf coach and long-time friend, pushed me to start training seriously again, to turn pro and play on the women's professional circuit. In 2016, I turned pro and got to play on the Ladies European Tour. In 2018, with more experience and confidence, I flew to the States to play the LPGA Qualifier - the top women's golf tour in the world. I qualified to play on the Symetra Tour - the "springboard tour" just below the LPGA. In 2020, I played my first LPGA in Ohio - a unique and incredible experience - which made me even more eager to progress. This year, I have about 20 tournaments on the schedule, with the goal of getting full playing rights on the LPGA.

How do you view your profession today ?
Being a professional athlete - no matter the discipline - is truly a unique job. You don't count the hours, you dedicate your life to your sport; you eat sport, you sleep sport, you train sport, even your days off are calculated for better performance. When we see progress or success, it is motivating and gives a feeling of satisfaction that is difficult to describe. A few years ago, the idea of being a professional golfer had never crossed my mind. Today, I love and respect the profession so much, I couldn't see myself doing anything else.

How do you see yourself in 5 years ? In 10 years ?
I always find it tricky to see the future on a timeline. You never know, especially in golf. Of course, my goal in 5 years is to be an established player on the LPGA. And in 10 years, I still see myself in the world of golf and sports in general: fulfilled and with a beautiful little family. In the meantime, my goal is to be the best version of myself every day... and we'll see where that takes me.


This interview was conducted in 2022
Photography credit : Julie Glassberg