Julie is the winner of the photographic prize of the Friends of the Albert-Kahn Museum, class of 2020, and received a grant for her series Esprit de Famille - La Préférence du Fils

What is your artistic background ?
After studying and a degree in performing arts, ‘tableaux vivants’ seemed to me to say too much. I wanted to remain in a dialogue where the spectator can escape into different universes, give a framework, but also a freedom of interpretation. The image is constantly present in our daily lives. It invades us, speaks to us, transmits different realities to us. It was then quite natural that photography seemed to me to be the medium that best corresponded to my desire to tell a story. I think that being a photographer is a combination between being a smuggler and a scientist who takes, brings to light and restores observation. There is no truth, only the desire to show and prolong curiosity about what we don't know.   

How do you see your profession today ?
Even if the profession of photographer is less and less respected, in my opinion, it is a profession that is demanding and is an essential witness to History. In 2010, I trained as a photographer in Belgium, but I believe that it is the experience in the field that formed me.     

How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years ?
Today, I fully feel like a photographer and an observer of the world. I also work as a cultural mediator for children and adults. Without claiming to be able to change things, I hope that I will continue to open up the field of possibilities, to raise questions from France and elsewhere. 


This interview was conducted in 2020
Photo credit: Kamila K. Stanley