Laura received a grant to help her enter gymnastics competitions.

What athletic capabilities do you think a young gymnast must have?
I think there are a lot of young people today who have athletic skills but not all of them know how to make the most of them. A large majority of them are more focused on computers, social networks, television, mobiles... Moreover, in Spain, most young people play soccer and neglect other, more minority sports such as gymnastics, judo, fencing... However, I think that the athletic skills of young people are elasticity, strength, coordination - qualities that are essential for these sports.

How do you view your profession today?
Gymnastics is my life; it brings me many positive things in daily life and in my studies. It helps me to be better organized, more responsible, rigorous, and persevering. This year I have made considerable progress, and this is largely due to my work but also to the help of my coaches, my family, and also the support of Porosus. I still have a long way to go, and I will not stop until I achieve my goals.

Where do you see the El Pastoret club and its gymnasts in five years? In 10 years?
In the coming years, I see my gymnastics club El Pastoret having trained great gymnasts and being a great reference point in Spanish artistic gymnastics. El Pastoret currently trains several groups of very young girls, with great potential, and if they decide to continue the discipline, they have the potential to go very far.

This interview was conducted in 2022
Photography credit: Julia Grandperret