Marion received a grant to finance her participation in international competitions. 


What is your sporting background?

Before playing golf, I played volleyball for 10 years. I reckon I reached a more than decent level considering my height! I then turned to golf at the age of 18, on the advice of my father (I played before but very rarely). When I was 20, I went to Florida for a three-month training course to perfect my game and improve my English. I then realised that I really enjoyed golf and that it would be possible for me to try it as a professional career in the near future. I joined the Pôle France Dames in Toulouse the following year to learn how to structure myself and work (it was no longer a hobby but was soon to be my profession) and at the age of 24 I turned professional. I played 5 years on the European circuit (LET) and I tried to join the American circuit (LPGA) in December 2015 (successfully). 


How do you see your profession today?

It's a complicated profession. You spend a lot of time on the road, far from home, you have to work a lot so as not to be left behind because the level is getting higher and higher. It's a wonderful job because you do what you love every day. You get up in a new city every week, you discover different cultures. I don't think that is possible in many other professions. I love what I do, I feel privileged and the sacrifices I make every day are not really sacrifices in the end.


How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?

I would like to continue my career on the LPGA until the Tokyo Olympics (which I would love to participate in). I would like to start a family, so my ideal scenario would be to take a break in five years and then come back, if my level still allows me to. So I would like to still be on the circuit in 10 years’ time, having won at least once!


This interview was conducted in 2015

Photo credit: Rémi Chapeaublanc