Medhat SOODY

Medhat received a scholarship for a residency at the Atelier des Artistes en Exil.


What is your artistic background? 

I've done film dubbing, and I've also been an artistic producer. I also worked as a lighting assistant in the theatre and for a talk-show channel and I was also a camera assistant. I started photography in Egypt at a very young age, I took a lot of pictures and it was very important and interesting for me to cover the Egyptian revolution, but it wasn't easy. I used film, I took pictures of very important people, I don't have these pictures with me, they stayed in Egypt.  


How do you see your profession today?

I need time to show others my vision. Shooting on film, as opposed to digital, had a more peaceful and professional side, you had 24 or 36 views, you had to play with the light and you had to make sure to use these views in the best way. With digital it's easier and more convenient to edit your photos. It seems easy and anyone can pretend to take photos, but at the same time it is not simple, you have to have a lot of knowledge, to develop your vision. You have to choose the right frame, the right angle of view, work with light and shadows. I work in two directions: on the one hand I capture bodies on stage in connection with dance and theatre performances, my other favourite terrain is the street. 


How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?

I don't know how I see myself in five years, maybe I'll be very famous and in an ivory tower or I'll be squatting at the Atelier des Artistes en Exil, like a refugee.


This interview was conducted in 2017

Photo credit: Antonin Amy-Menichetti