Poline received a grant to finance her studies at l’École du Nord.

What is your artistic background?
There were two options to choose from in the Baccalaureate: theatre or mathematics. I felt better in a theatre than on a wooden chair in a classroom. So, at first, I was fine with that optional class every Wednesday. Then when I saw my two friends applying for APB, I dropped out of high school to pursue theatre. Then I enjoyed it more and more, I liked it and I got lost in it, I met people... until I got to the École du Nord, which felt like coming home.

How do you view your profession today?
This is a job I both love and hate. It is capricious, one day it wants you, the next day it forgets you. But it has its own rhythm, you have to learn to dance and understand the steps. You have to try everything to amuse it, until you realize that there is no choreography, only improvised solos.

How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?
In five years, I will have a new haircut and I will have met people to love with my heart sincerely.

This interview was conducted in 2022
Photography credit: Julie Glassberg