Rémi made the portraits of the talented young people supported by Porosus in 2016.


What is your artistic background?

Having studied engineering, I first had to learn to deconstruct many things from my training. When I started in photography (it was like a leap into the void), five years ago, I had no idea where it was going to lead me. Then I discovered a passion for portraiture and the human condition in general, which is expressed as much in the studio in Paris as in my expeditions to the other side of the world. Today I am in the process of discovering new fields: in addition to portraiture and travel, I am exploring the possibilities of film and directing.   


How do you see your profession today? 

My arrival in the world of photography as a young photographer with no training was an upheaval, combined with a desire to challenge myself. This upheaval and the obligation to push oneself are exactly how I still see the profession of photographer today. It's a profession in such a state of flux that we can't remain stagnant. It is thanks to this driving force, this motivation, that I decided to explore new horizons.    


How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?

It's very hard for me to answer this question, because five years ago I would never have thought I would reach this point. But ideally, in five years from now, I would like to win a major international prize and explore 10 more countries. And in 10 years, who knows, having a feature film under my belt?


This interview was conducted in 2015

Photo credit: Rémi Chapeaublanc