Simon SENN
Stage director

Simon received a production grant for his play Be Arielle F.

What is your artistic background ?
I studied fine arts at HEAD in Geneva and at Goldsmiths in London. There I developed an artistic practice in the field of contemporary art involving video, performance and photography. Be Arielle F., which received support from the Porosus Endowment Fund, is my first theatrical project.   

How do you see your profession today ?
In the cultural field, it is very enjoyable and stimulating to feel that it is possible to build bridges between different channels of dissemination. In my case, for example, a project produced by theatres can suddenly be presented by an exhibition venue or a film festival. Perhaps it is also one of the particularities of forms linked to augmented/mixed/virtual reality that it is possible to be transversal like that.   

How do you see yourself in five years ? In 10 years ?
Always in perpetual exploration and questioning of the possibilities brought about by new technologies. I can see myself continuing to work with the younger generations.


This interview was conducted in 2020
 Photo credit: Kamila K. Stanley