Victor received a grant to help him finance his studies at the École Régionale d’Acteurs de Cannes et Marseille.

What is your artistic background?
As a teenager, I joined my small town's theatre club, where I discovered what would become my passion. I worked on stage for years before stopping for a while. In 2013, I entered the cinema program at the University of Paris 8 Saint Denis. I was already a film lover, and the university opened me up to new forms of cinema such as documentary and experimental film. I made my first films there, I got interested in editing and I performed for my friends. After graduation, I spent some time in the fashion industry, which offered me opportunities as a model. I developed a certain attachment to it, mainly in the embodiment that the extravagant makeup, hairstyles, and clothes offered me. I then joined the XXth district conservatory before transferring to the XIVth district conservatory with Agnès Proust. There I was able to work on the competitions for the national schools, before finally joining ERACM, where I have been training since September.

How do you view your profession today?
I consider that I’m in the most beautiful profession in the world. I consider the fact of being an actor as a pleasure above all, a pleasure that also makes you suffer. Sometimes I consider this passion a burden, which makes one crazy and frustrated, but it’s a burden that fulfils. I like to act; I feel I exist through it. I feel it when I see my peers on stage. It is so beautiful to see ourselves being and expressing ourselves. To see ourselves fail is also magical, because it is often in these moments of doubt that everything escapes us and that we offer ourselves the greatest gift. We are treading such a fine line, and I can't wait to find my balance.

How do you see yourself in five years? In 10 years?
I am seriously considering starting a company with my new companions and canvassing theatres and creating like crazy. I also hope to work again with some of the actors who have really influenced me. I am also considering cinema, as I am above all a cinephile, it would be to realize a childhood dream, the dream of many children in fact! I simply hope to put my creativity in the service of others, and to bring people into my world. I also hope to meet my work soulmates and find an artistic family.

This interview was conducted in 2021
Photography credit: Julie Glassberg